World Trivia

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World Trivia Description

World Trivia is a free online game for people who love general knowledge. The game shows a picture with blank boxes at the bottom. You are also given some letters to fill in the box. You have to identify the name of the place, thing or building shown in the picture. The picture can be from anywhere in the world. The game tests your general knowledge in a fun way. The game is free to play and has a running timer. If you are stuck at a certain level, there is nothing to worry about. You can take hints that can help you pass the level.

How to play?

Fill in the correct letters to guess the names of depicted animals.

The letters are being filled from left to right (from first to last).

You can remove filled letters. Each set consists of five questions. Complete it in the given time and gain stars to unlock the next set.

There are 3 kinds of hints to help you:

  • Hint 1 - fill in and lock one correct letter. This hint is the cheapest.

  • Hint 2 - check filled letters, erase wrong and lock the rights ones.

  • Hint 3 - fill in the whole name. Most expensive hint.

Use them wisely!

You can get the hint currency by completing level sets.

The History of World Trivia

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