Witch Crossword

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Witch Crossword Description

Witch Crossword is a free online game that is available on the Bazz Games website. The game’s artistic character style can be heavily compared to that of anime character styles, featuring large eyes, small noses etcetera. As it is known as Witch Crossword, the character that appears on the title screen is dressed as a witch. This character is always present as the interactive aspect of the game, which can be very pleasing for children. After the title screen disappears, the game shows a series of levels, where the player is directed to the first level by the main character. Each level features a different crossword puzzle, and the question for each row and column will appear once the player swipes their mouse over it. Once done, the player is redirected to another screen which shows the question along with different letters that may be used in the answer. Once the crossword puzzle is completed the player is then allowed to progress to the next level. Each level has a specific time period that the player must complete the level in. As the levels progress, the questions get tougher and the time limit decreases.

The History of Witch Crossword

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