Toasty Time

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Toasty Time Description

Toasty time is one of the most basic cooking games available online, which tests out your ability. If you are someone who loves playing ability games, then toasty time is for you! On the screen, there will several brackets in which several types of bread will appear. After the bread has opened its eye, you need to click on the bracket before it burns by navigating your mouse on the bracket, this will ensure that you earn points as you continue playing the game. You cannot lag around in this free online game, as the toast can get burnt pretty quickly if you leave a lot of pieces of bread behind, you will lose the game no matter how far you have advanced in the game. This is how the game will test your ability by seeing how quickly you click on the smiling bread faces before their faces turn upside down. Toasty time is the perfect ability game that challenges you as you keep advancing in the game. The game is an online free game, which is easy to play and navigate. Even though you cannot pause the game in between rounds, it is still all the more exciting to play.