Steam Trucker

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Steam Trucker Description

Steam Trucker comes under the genre of online racing games. As the name suggests, this free online game is about a truck that you have to control. Steam trucker has 15 levels wherein each level you have to carry merchandise to the endpoint where it is delivered. Now the game is not as simple as it seems, you have to move the truck along with hilly and rocky terrain and the merchandise that you will carry will be explosive therefore while moving up the terrain you need to be extra cautious because if the cargo falls, it will explode and you will die. You will have to use the keyboard's arrow keys to move the truck right and left. Along the journey to deliver the cargo, you get to receive five stars. Overall the game is quite interesting especially the graphics and the sound effects. The design of the truck shown is very ancient and the backgrounds of the game are very beautiful yet unique. This game is more popular among children than adults. As the level increases, the difficulty of the game also increases. However, at a certain point, the game gets too slow and bland but overall the game is good for a pass time.