Solitaire Legend

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Solitaire Legend Description

Solitaire Legend is a free online game that you can easily play on any of your gadgets. This game is considered to be an online and an updated version of the old, classic game. This is a card game. The cards of the game consist of kings, queens, Jack and Ace. A table is displayed on the above of the screen. The cards are either arranged according to the colors alternating or they are sorted out in descending order. The Solitaire Legend game is all about sorting the cards orderly. The players only have to keep on moving the available cards in one attempt or a given lapse. The cards need to be placed in between the above columns. This is done so that the cards are orderly arranged in the provided 4 card piles. The separation of piles is called a suit.

28 cards are provided initially and this is called tableau. 7 cards are arranged in each row in which the first card is the face-up. The rest 6 cards are placed behind the first one, all having face-down. Dealing with the card with face up in the second column is the next step. Continue the same with the rest of the columns and cards facing down. The columns will have an increase in cards. The Ace with face-ups needs to be placed at the top row. Solitaire is a perfect game to play for free.

The History of Solitaire Legend

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