Sky Battle

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Sky Battle Description

Sky battle is a free online game, which centers on an aeroplane avoiding destructive rockets. Starting with the basic outline of this comprehendible game, you are given 3 lives; meaning you have three chances until the game is over. Next to the chances, a scoreboard is present which illustrates the number of meters you have covered while successfully steering clear of the hazardous rockets that continuously fall from the sky. Furthermore, you are provided with certain advantages such as a protective shield, which protects your aeroplane from the rockets. Hence, giving you a chance to save your life. The sound of the game can easily be managed; you can either control the volume or just mute the game. The background is very basic; it shows a clear sky with white fluffy clouds. Coming to the manual aspect of this game, you are supposed to use the arrow keys, specifically the left and right arrow keys. This online game is very accessible and very clear to the point. It does not require deep understanding, as the instructions are also very direct. Moreover, the game is very quick and does not drain your energy out. Lastly, if you want to take a short break, this game is designed to relax your nerves and freshen your mood.