Neon Glow

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Neon Glow Description

Neon glow is the perfect game to play when you are travelling to work, or just bored, as this free online game turns out to be the perfect pass time. In this game, you get to navigate a neon glow spaceship. The more you shoot and dodge, the more points you earn! By dodging and shooting as many obstacles in your way, you can keep increasing your score. You can navigate the spaceships through three pathways, all the while avoiding obstacles in the way. Getting hit by even one means losing the game. You can control it by using the mouse, or the left and right arrow keys. The spaceship is always firing, which is why it is important to hit all the targets before they hit you. The game is free to play, and easy to understand. It also comes with added rewards, by grabbing the glowing cubes on your way; you can keep earning more points. This space travel neon glow shooting game puts your mind to work and makes you concentrate fully on carefully hitting the target as you move along in the game. Of course, as the game progresses, it gets faster and more exciting to play.