Neon Battle Tank

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Neon Battle Tank Description

This free online game holds similarities with the traditional game Pac man, which was everyone’s favorite game to play. Neon Battle Tank is way similar, as, in the game, you get to have control of a small neon battle tank and go through several levels. The game is free to play, and easy to understand. You can take control of all the movements of the tank, using the left and right arrow keys and the spacebar button on your keyboard to hit the other targets. The main objective of the game would be to guard your main center, and destroy any obstacles (the tanks) that might hit the base. The game also comes with added rewards, as you play along and reach new levels; you get certain features like power-ups, armors. The power-ups which you pick along the way are crucial, as they increase the lives and stats of your tank. By killing all the tanks from hitting your base, you advance to the next level, which turns difficult. As the game is free to play, it can be played on your desktop or your mobile phone. You get to collect power-ups, after hitting each tank, which gives your tank extra lives.