Little Blocks

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Little Blocks Description

Little Block is a very interesting and different block game. The game shows a picture with blank boxes on top of the screen. You are given one block to shoot from and fit in those blank boxes. If the person is unable to shoot the block in the blank space, then the game is lost. This free online game comes with multiple levels, mainly up to 100 levels. The block at the bottom of the screen moves sideways towards the left to the right. As the number of boxes you shoot in the blank boxes increase, you will gradually earn more points. It is an online free game, which is easy to play. But it requires a lot of concentration while playing, one hasty move, and you are out of the game. The game can be played on your desktop or your mobile phone, as it is easily accessible. A timer keeps checking on how much time you take to play each level. As you advance on to the next level, the little blocks game becomes faster, that is why carefully shooting the boxes in the empty space is important, to not lose the game. Therefore, little block game is a perfect game to play!