Knife Smash

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Knife Smash Description

Knife Smash is a free online game, featured on the Bazz Games website, and can be played on both PC and laptop. The creators of the game took their time to design this game with a vibrant set of colors, with the base as an ombre purple to pink theme. The game starts off with a revolving ball, which with each progressing stage changes into different items such as a football, a tire and even a watermelon. These revolving items are strategically placed with knives and apples. The purpose of the game is to throw, all the given number of knives at the ball, while avoiding the already placed knives. The knives are thrown by right clicking, and if the knives thrown hit the apples, the player gets bonus points. With each progressing stage, the number of knives increases, increasing the difficulty levels. However, the number of apples placed on the items also increase, so the player gets the opportunity to gain even more points! If the players throw the knife and it hits the knife placed on the item that stage will immediately stop. However, the game allows the player to watch an advertisement to continue that same level.