King Soldiers 3

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King Soldiers 3 Description

King Soldier 3 is a game for people who love playing adventure games, and going on missions. The gameplay is set in a way that you have to protect the kingdom from the monsters. The added feature of the game is that you get to have weapons to kill the monsters along the way. The King Soldier responsibility that he has to shoot all the aliens or monsters on board by shooting bazooka or throwing bombs at them. King Soldier 3 is an online free game, which is exciting and challenging to play! It tests out your ability, by seeing how you make use of your aiming skills by pointing directly at the monsters and shooting them. When the target is set directly on the aliens, it means no ammunition is wasted and you can hit more aliens. It is important to use all the ammunition given along with the placement very thoughtfully. When you hit directly at the aliens without missing, this will ensure you more points! You can hit them with a bazooka or throwing bombs by using your mouse – pointing and clicking. The only main objective of the game is to shoot at aliens. Therefore, it is a challenging game to play.