Jewel Explode

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Jewel Explode Description

Jewel Explode is one of the easiest and the most fun to play. It is a free online game that offers different options to the players so that they can play with their convenience and enjoy every game. The best part about this game is that it can be played in different languages. This makes it easy for people who know other languages than English to understand the instructions and play the game conveniently. Therefore, languages are the very first option that is appeared on the screen for the players. Once the language is chosen then different basic options are presented. One of the options is about the instructions that, again, provide convenience to the players to first understand the rules of the game and then proceed on playing it.

Jewel Explode is one of the easiest games in which the players have to create a chain of the jewels of the same type. There should be a minimum of 3 same jewels matched to create a chain. That is why the more the number of chains is created in limited time; the more the player will get to score the highest. So do not miss a chance to play for free and make the highest score to win.

The History of Jewel Explode

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