Galaxy Warriors

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Galaxy Warriors Description

Galaxy Warriors is a free online game for children. The Stardust Galaxy Warrior fans mostly play this action game. There are different stages in this game and the level of difficulty increases at every level. This is a shooter game that keeps the level of engagement high at every point. The players have an opportunity to choose their game mode before the game begins. Several options are available at the start of the game which included the option of language as well. This option makes it highly convenient for players that know different languages except to choose their preferred language. The players can also choose their favorite weapon to pick the target and shoot. The score gets increases in the number of targets that are shot. The most amazing thing about this game is that bonus points are also given if the coins are collected instantly as soon as the target is shot.

The game gets more interesting as the evils are being defeated rapidly and this keeps the level of interest high throughout the game. Maximum 4 players can play this free online game at a time. Therefore, make sure to shoot all the evils and defeat them like a hero!