Fruit Matching

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Fruit Matching Description

Fruit Matching game is the most exciting game to play in. Not only children but even adults love to play this free online game to re-energize them. The rules and the instruction of this game are pretty easy to understand by all the age groups. The players just need to be efficient enough to take fast action to win. There is also a time score in this game. Different fruits will be flowing on the screen and the player has to quickly make chains before the fruits are missed out. Three fruits should be matched to create a chain and if the number of fruits is more than 3 in a chain then extra time is provided to make more chains. Bonus points are also provided if a chain of 5 fruits is made.

Once this chain is made then a jolly will appear on the screen that will instantly destroy all the fruits even if they are unmatched. This will help the player to gain an extra point as well as time for each exploded fruit. To enjoy playing this game the players can play for free.

The History of Fruit Matching

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