Crazy Balls

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Crazy Balls Description

Crazy Ball is a perfect game to kill the time interestingly. Adults and children both usually love this free online game. Powered by cloud games, the crazy ball starts with a ball gun at the top and different geometrical shapes with numbers written over them at the extreme down. Shapes include triangle, square and circle are rotating in their places. So now, you have to shot these shapes with the help of those balls at the top. You need to have a proper target to hit these shapes. The balls as soon as you shot them hit these shapes several times. The numbers written on them will eventually decrease with each hit until it finally vanishes at zero. The ball after hitting these shapes will then go to waste. As the game progresses the remaining shapes then moves upwards near the top. If you fail to hit those shapes and they get to the top, you will eventually lose the game. On the very top of the game appear a scoreboard and your best scores. Each time you hit the shapes with the ball it vanishes, you earn +1 point. Overall, this game is very interesting as the levels increase, the difficulty of the game and the speed of the shapes coming on the top becomes challenging.