Candy Chain

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Candy Chain Description

The Candy Chain game is a bit similar to the Fruit Matching game. But as the names already tell, candies are flowing on the screen in this game instead of fruits. It is a bit tempting to play this free online game because of the appealing appearance of the candies flowing. This keeps the engagement level high in the entire game. The most interesting thing about this game is that it can be played by children as well as adults. There are around 7 stages in the game. The level of difficulty increases at every stage for the players. It is extremely simple to play this game. Before every level, the target is provided to the player that needs to be achieved. Once the target is set, the game is all ready to begin. Different candies are flowing across the screen and the player has to match the candies to achieve the target in limited time.

The History of Candy Chain

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